10 Minute ABSolutely Sexy Abs Workout

Why strong abs are more important than just looking good in a bikini:

For many of us, the motivation for ab workouts is “six-packs”, getting rid of “muffin tops” or feeling amazing in a bikini. Those are great reasons to do ab workouts, and in addition to that, reducing our belly fat lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Unfortunately, belly fat is extremely stubborn. Anyone who has done hundreds of crunches without results can attest to that! Fortunately, a variety of core exercises can be far more effective…

Your ab muscles are divided into 3 groups:

fitwirr ab diagram
Diagram from fitwirr.com

Rectus Abdominis/Upper Abs: These are the muscles you think of when you are desiring a “six-pack.” Practically, they help support your spine and back; you use these muscles when you bend down and pick something up.

Transverse Abdominis/Lower Abs: These muscles can not be isolated, but instead can be strengthened simultaneously with other muscles. You can activate your transverse abdominis by contracting your core during your workout.

Obliques (External and Internal): Obliques can be associated with “love handles” or “muffin tops.” These muscles are important for you to rotate and bend to the side.

The 10 Minute Absolutely Sexy Abs Workout:

Now that we’ve done our homework, it is finally time to talk about the workout. As you can tell, there is a surprisingly large amount of rest in this workout. The reason the rest is necessary, is because when you are “on” you need to go ALL OUT. Don’t expect results unless you are willing to get really sweaty!

Infographic - 10 minute abs-2

The Workout: 

30 Seconds of BURPEES 

If you have not done a burpee before, prepare to enter into a love/hate relationship with it. They are challenging, but very rewarding. Burpees work not only your abs, but your arms, chest, calves, thighs and more. Watch this video to learn how to safely complete a burpee. Remember that proper form is more important than speed!

Enjoy 30 Seconds of Rest 

30 Seconds of DEAD BUG

After your burpees, you may feel dead. Therefore, it is the perfect time to engage your upper (rectus) and lower (transverse) abs with the “dead bug.” Watch the video below to learn how to properly complete this exercise.

30 Seconds of Rest!

30 Seconds of RUSSIAN TWISTS

Next, push through 30 seconds of Russian Twists. You can do this exercise on a bench like in the video, or on any flat surface such as your kitchen floor. Russian Twists target your upper and lower obliques.

Woohoo! 30 Seconds of Rest

30 Seconds of PLANKS

Planks are a great way to strengthen your core, shoulders, arms and glutes. The video below shows multiple variations of the exercise. Concentrate on keeping proper form, and then choose whichever modification challenges you!

30 Seconds of Rest!


Cross Body Mountain Climbers are very effective high intensity exercise. Not only does this cardio exercise get your heart racing, but it engages your hips, abs, shoulders, chest, glutes and lower back. If you are not exhausted by the end of this 30 seconds, you are probably not going fast enough. But don’t worry, after you complete this you earned 60 seconds of rest!

60 Seconds of Bonus Rest! 

After all of those mountain climbers, enjoy your bonus rest time!

30 Seconds of PUSH UPS

Push ups are a great full body workout. Not only do they tone your arms by strengthening your biceps and triceps and strengthen your shoulders and chest but they also abs and lower back. 3 Can’t do a push up? Have no fear, the video below shows many variations of push ups, so that you will find the perfect fit!

30 Seconds of Rest

30 Seconds of BICYCLE CRUNCH

A study conducted by San Diego State University compared 13 of the most common abdominal exercises in an effort to determine the most effective one. Each exercise was ranked for its muscle stimulation measured with EMG in the rectus abdominis, the external obliques and internal obliques.

While standard crunch scored poorly on multiple counts, bicycle crunch was amongst the best in all areas and showed most muscle stimulation in the rectus abdominis, the six pack muscles that give your abs the defined, sculpted look you want. – Fitwirr.com

Check out this video to learn how to do the effective bicycle crunch!

30 Seconds of Rest – Keep it Up!

30 Seconds of REVERSE CRUNCH

The reverse crunch will target your obliques and lower abs. The video below shows two variations of the exercise.

30 Seconds of Rest!

30 Seconds of DIAGONAL PLANK

Next strengthen your core, shoulders, glutes and lower back with the diagonal plank (aka plank with arm/leg lift).

30 Seconds of Rest! Almost There!

30 Seconds BURPEES

We are back to a final round of burpees. Really go all out on this last exercise, and then you are done! In case you would like another video on how to do this full body workout, watch this! This version shows a few more variations in case you need them. The video shows multiple levels of difficulty; using proper form is more important than completing the workout at the hardest possible level.

Give yourself a pat on the back! You’re done!! 🙂

This exercise plan will help you to get the flat stomach you’ve always wanted! But remember when it comes to getting fit, diet is just as important as exercise, if not even more important! For more information on how to pair this plan with a great diet, check out the articles below…

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