5 New Bodyweight Exercises for Sexy Strong Legs

Looking for a new move to ramp up your workout? Or simply looking for somewhere to start?

Try these fantastic moves for strong legs you can feel great about!

These exercises will workout and tone your quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, lats, hip abductors,  adductors, lower back and hips!

Check out the awesome Muscle Map from darebee.com to see where all of those muscles are located! 🙂

Love this Muscle Map from Darabee.com | 5 New Bodyweight Exercises for Sexy Strong Legs fitmomlife.com
Photo Credit: Darabee.com

The best thing, no gym or equipment necessary…

  1. Bodyweight Split Jump

The Bodyweight Split Jump (aka Split Lunge Jump) is a great exercise that targets your quads.

This explosive jump also strengthens your calves, glutes and hamstrings, leading you on your path to strong legs!

As always make sure that your knee does not cross your toes. Check out this video to see how to safely complete this fantastic move!

2. Vertical Mountain Climbers

A great cardio exercise that rocks your quads is Vertical Mountain Climbers!

Not only that, but it strengthens your calves, hamstrings, glutes and lats!

Check out the video below to learn how to safely do this fat blasting exercise!

3. Knee Tuck Jump

This one is fun. 🙂 Your kids may even want to try it with you!

The knee tuck jump primarily targets your hamstrings. It also works your abductors, adductors, calves, glutes, and quads.

Check out how to do this exercise safely in the video below!


4. Drinking Bird

This exercise has an odd name, but is great for toning your hamstrings, glutes, abs and lower back!

Make sure that you don’t twist your body on the way up. 🙂 Check out the video below for more details on how to do the Drinking Bird!

5. Inner Thigh Leg Lift:

To finish off our list, here is an exercise that targets your glutes and hips.

Below is a great video on how to dominate this exercise. 🙂

Enjoy these new lower body exercises as you take steps to live fit and feel great! 🙂

I’d love to hear how you like these or if you have a favorite leg exercise yourself! Comment below!