Deadlifts: The Exercise Designed for Moms

When I used to think of deadlifts, I thought of grunting Bodybuilder men who lived at the gym…

…Then, my eyes were opened to how great deadlifts are for everyday movements, and everyday moms like us.

Strengthen your back with deadlifts, so lifting your kids won't be a problem. |
What moments do you want a strong back for?

Deadlifts…The Exercise Every Mom Should Add to Her Workout:

As a mom, you carry heavy things all of the time…you basically have super strength.

Whether it is a baby on your hip, a diaper bag exploding at the seams, a toddler who is too tired to walk, a gym bag full of football pads, a tuba or [fill in the blank].

Your back is vital to all of these activities.

If you’d like to strengthen your back and protect it, the deadlift was made for you.


How to do the Deadlift:

Here is a video from about how to do properly do a deadlift.

A properly done deadlift is safe and great for you; but one done with bad form can cause injury (as can lifting a child with bad form).

Check out the video:

Video on how to properly do a Deadlift from |


What Muscles does the Deadlift Use?

This compound exercise is amazing for your lower body.

The deadlift tones your hamstrings, glutes, calves and lower back.

The deadlift lift was actually first created to lift bodies, so this was designed to be practical.

If we learn how to lift with good form at the gym, we can use it at home too.

Because who wants to miss out on life with your family because of a hurt back?


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