Fit Mom of the Month – November 2016

Molly: Tell us a little about yourself…

Caleh: My name is Caleh Cristler, and I am a twenty-six soon to be mother of three little girls.

My daughters are 5, 4, and the last will be making her appearance in January.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for 7 wonderful years, and we live in Southern California.

I’m a health and fitness coach and my passion is helping people feel amazing about themselves from the inside out.


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Molly: Describe your perfect Saturday. 🙂 

Caleh: Well it definitely starts with a good sweat session!

A Saturday workout always sets the tone for an epic treat meal haha!

I love spending time with my little family and we enjoy being outdoors at the beach, so you could probably find us somewhere in Huntington Beach eating tacos and having coffee in the evening.

Molly: What is your favorite part about being a mom? 

Caleh: That’s a tough one to narrow down. I love seeing pieces of myself and my husband reflected in our children; watching them grow and learn all about the world around them.

I love seeing their expressions when they discover something new, or hearing their laughter when they splash around in the bath. Being a mom has been the most surprising and rewarding part of my life.

Molly: What have you done to stay motivated during this pregnancy?

Caleh: Well I gained over 70 + lbs with my first two girls and I suffered from PPD after my second was born.

I felt unattractive, miserable, and I stayed that way for much too long.

I soon realized that if I didn’t want my daughters to go through the same struggles I did, I needed to start teaching them how to take care of themselves soon and by example.

I lost over 75 lbs and then we got pregnant with Hannah, so I saw a change to overcome the very thing that scared me most…the fear of losing control with pregnancy weight gain.

It’s been such a wonderful experience!

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Molly: What one thing are you most excited to do once your daughter, Hannah, is born?

Caleh: Sleep on my stomach! Hahaha!

Besides holding her, I can’t wait to introduce Abigail and Emma to her. It’s going to be such a beautiful moment.

Abigail was only 17 months old when Emma was born, so this time they’ll both be fully aware of what’s going on.

Molly: What is your all-time favorite healthy meal?

Caleh: I actually really love making a very simple meal, but it’s my fave. Baked Cajun chicken breasts with rosemary quinoa and a blend of veggies.

Molly: What is your favorite food to splurge on?

Caleh: That’s a tough one! I’m definitely a foodie, but my all time favorite food is cheeseburgers.

There’s a restaurant out here called Umami and it’s the BEST truffle burger.

I also like to save some extra money for my Starbucks habit. 😉

Molly: What is your typical workout routine? How has it changed since you’ve been pregnant?

Caleh: I follow a program from home, so it’s always laid out for me.

I am currently doing 21 Day Fix Extreme but modifying as I get bigger and slower.

I love lifting, but as I enter my third trimester I’m lowering the weights, and trying to get some extra reps in.

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Molly: What is your best piece of advice for a busy mom who wants to stay fit?

Caleh: Find a program that works for you. Find something you love to do!

If you don’t like running, don’t force yourself to do it. I tried so many different things and would constantly quit because it really wasn’t for me.

Also, don’t feel like you have to spend hours in the gym to get in shape, or have the best equipment.

You just need the basics to get going, and then find someone to help you stay accountable.

I always tell my clients to work smarter, not harder.

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Molly: How have friends and family best supported you to have a healthypregnancy? What is not helpful?

Caleh: My husband has been an incredible support to me throughout this entire process.

Not only did he cheer me on with my weight loss, he’s helped me stay strong during my pregnancy by giving me that time to workout and remind me not to eat all the ice cream in the house.

Then again he’s right there to go and get me fries if I ask LOL!

I would say the least helpful thing I hear is “it’s your last pregnancy, just enjoy it”, and of course the, “but what about the baby? Is lifting weights even good for her?”.

I’ll just say, clear everything with your OB and listen to your body, don’t let anyone else’s opinions/critiques matter.

Molly: Why did you decide to become a health and wellness coach?

Caleh: I wanted to be a health and fitness coach because I struggled so much in silence. I was always the outgoing girl, but I hid how I really felt inside.

I felt like if I made fun of myself first, others wouldn’t and it just kept tearing away at my own self-confidence.

I want other women to know they’re not alone, and they don’t have to accept or live up to society’s beauty standards, they just need to their happiest & healthiest selves.

Molly: What is your favorite motivational quote?

Caleh: “Stop competing with others, start competing with yourself.”

I’m not even sure who said it, but I remember seeing it one day and it hit me.

Why was I trying to look like her? I needed to just be better than myself everyday.

It’s such a release when you stop focusing on beating someone else, and just work on YOU.

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Molly: How has living fit helped you feel great?

Caleh: In so many ways! I don’t feel drained, I can keep up and play with my children, I’m not embarrassed of the way I look, I don’t agonize over getting dressed to go somewhere, my digestion is always working well, and I rarely get sick.

My family has a lot of trials that we face and I have to be my best self to get through those things and be strong.

Being healthy and taking care of myself keeps me mentally, emotionally, and physically at my best.

Molly: Any other advice or stories?

Caleh: I would just say never give up.

I know it’s cliche, but keep going, keep showing up everyday when it’s hard, and you’ll see success.

You have to be consistent, but when you are…that’s when the magic happens!

Find something you love and work at it everyday, you’ll fall in love with the results, the process, and the whole lifestyle.

Molly: How can we best follow your story and connect with you?

Caleh: You can find me on Facebook ( or Instagram (@caleh_fit).


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