3 Fitness Lies Women Believe…

Don’t be fooled…


There are so many new fads and quick fixes in the fitness world. Unfortunately, there are many fitness lies that women are being tricked by daily. Here are 3 of the big ones:


Fitness Lie #1: 

“Cardio is always the best way to burn calories.”

Fitness Mistakes

Yes. Cardio does typically burn more calories in the moment than weight training does. BUT – did you know that you burn more AFTER a workout with weight training than after a workout with cardio?


“Studies have demonstrated that after a weight training workout, the metabolism can be boosted for up to 36 hours post-workout, meaning rather than burning say 60 calories an hour while sitting and watching TV, you’re burning 70. While you may think, ‘Big deal – 10 extra calories’, when you multiply this by 36 hours, you can see what a huge difference that makes in your daily calorie expenditure over that day and a half…With cardio training, you might get an extra 40-80 calories burned after a moderate paced session, and this will depend upon the exact intensity and duration of the workout.”4


Fitness Truth #1:


“Cardio burns calories and prevents heart disease.”


While it is not advised to only do cardiovascular exercises, it has great health benefits including:



Action Step #1: 


Try at HIIT workout!


Instead of spending hours on the elliptical, incorporate cardio into your workout more efficiently. For example, you will burn MORE calories in LESS time sprinting or doing a HIIT workout. HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. This means that you exercise at a high intensity level, for short bursts of time (aka intervals). This can be applied to running, lifting, jumping or any other exercise you like. If you are looking for a place to start, there are numerous free HIIT videos on YouTube!

Fitness Lie #2:


“If I lift weights, I will get bulky and look like a “She-Hulk.”

Fitness Lies Women Believe #2

Women do NOT naturally have enough testosterone to accidentally become bulky. In fact, many men don’t even have enough testosterone to naturally become bulky. Please do NOT worry about this!


Fitness Truth #2:


Weight training is great for your overall health AND fat loss goals!


Here are a few of the many benefits of weight training:


  • Weight training leads to more muscle mass. The higher percent of muscle you have in your body, the higher your metabolism will be. 4 That means you will burn more calories doing laundry, taxiing your kids to soccer practice or catching up on your favorite tv show.
  • Muscle takes up less space than fat, so even if you are the same weight, you may be able to go down in a pants size! 3 You will also be able to enjoy a firmer “toned” look!
  • Weight training strengthens your bone densityThin, post-menopausal women are at the highest risk of osteoporosis. 6 While you may not be at that point now, strengthening your bones today will help you maintain your independence tomorrow.


Action Step #2:


Start weight training today!


Don’t know where to start? The best case scenario would be to meet with a personal trainer. Even if you are only able to do one session, he or she can show you proper form and design a plan for you. If hiring a personal trainer is not a reality, there are numerous free plans and videos that will show you how to safely do exercises.


DO make sure that you are lifting a weight that you can lift with proper form, but DON’T just stick to the 3 or 5 lb. weights. You can do more than that! Make your workouts count.


What if you can’t go to the gym? There are many resistance workouts you can do at home with body weight, or with resistance bands. There are many free workout videos on YouTube!

Fitness Lie #3:

“The more time I spend working out, the better my results will be.”

Fitness Lies Women Believe #3

Working out too long can stress your body; your body will start to produce cortisol which CREATES belly fat! 3 This is the opposite of your desired result. Instead, limit your workout to 45 minutes of work at a time. 3 Note: this doesn’t mean 15 minutes of actual lifting and 30 minutes of checking your phone; it means 45 minutes of actively working out.


Fitness Truth #3: 


An effective short workout is better than a long cardio session.


Why should I switch to a shorter workout?


Action Step #3:


When you choose to workout, go all in for a short amount of time.


You should be able to get an incredible workout completed in 45 minutes or less. 3 Try a HIIT workout, or another workout plan that includes bursts of high intensity movement. Don’t want to give up your distance running training? Just pair it with some sprints; for example, every 1 mile you jog, make sure that you sprint for 1/8 mile of it.

Don’t be fooled by the fitness lies we so often believe. Instead, find a good mix of cardio and weight training. Don’t feel pressured to spend hours in the gym, but work out smart and efficiently.

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