No Gym Membership; No Problem! 7 Ways to Live The Fit Life Outside of The Gym

Don’t have a gym membership? Don’t worry about it!


Here are 7 ways to live fit outside of the gym:


  1. Dance at the Dishwasher: When I was younger, my grandmother always taught me to dance while I was washing dishes. I don’t think she ever stepped foot inside a gym, but I was amazed that she could jump rope longer than I could! Today she is 77 years old and is still in good shape! Instead of just standing in the kitchen, try some leg lifts, heel raises or don’t be afraid to take Taylor Swift’s advice and just “Shake it Off!”


  1. Parade the Parking Lot: Instead of spending time circling the parking lot to find the closest spot, choose the parking spot at the end of the parking lot. Not only will it be easier to get in and out of the car, but you will increase your steps and you will feel victorious!


  1. Lunge through the Living Room: Watching the news or talking on the phone? There was never a better time to lunge! Lunges are a loaded exercise that target your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, abs and back! Make sure that your knee does not cross over your toes, and enjoy the satisfaction of feeling the burn!


  1. Arm Circles at Commercial Breaks: Watching your favorite show? Turn your guilty pleasure into a virtuous pursuit! Stand up and do a set of arm circles during your commercial breaks!


  1. Squat at the Sink: Flossing and brushing your teeth is an essential element of your dental hygiene. Since you are already standing at the sink, why not pair it with a leg work-out. Squats are stellar for your lower body, strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves!


  1. Plank with the Paper: Catching up on the daily paper, or maybe just your Facebook feed? Justify your time doing planks while you are reading. Love your core and then you can continue loving your coffee with your news.


  1. Play with Your Kids: Lastly, one of the best ways to choose the fit life at home is to simply play with your kids. Whether it is tag, shooting hoops or having a crab walk competition, time with your kids is time well spent. Not only will you get a good work out, but you will be demonstrating to your kids how to live a fit life as well!


What ways do you “fit” fitness into your life? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below!