“I don’t have time to take care of myself and my kids…”

“Please put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.”

Every time we fly on an airplane we hear this same instruction. It feels so wrong to not help our babies before we help ourselves, but what actually happens if we help them, but run out of time to get our mask on? Then who is going to take care of the ones we try so hard to protect?


Mom and daughter whisper


As a mom, your life is likely full of commitments from taxiing kids to soccer practice, balancing a career, maintaining even just a sanitary home and more. With all of these things to do? Where is the time for exercise and a healthy diet?


The problem is that when we don’t take care of ourselves (because of  the noble goal of taking care of our families), eventually we are not able to take care of anyone.


Also, we are constantly role modeling to our children. If they don’t see us prioritizing our health, how will they learn to prioritize theirs?


So how do we balance our mom duties and taking care of ourselves? I’m glad you asked, because here is the solution:


Schedule it in:

flowers-desk-office-vintage calendar

In the same way that you re-arrange your schedule for piano lessons, orthodontist appointments and football games actually write down when you are going to exercise. You don’t need to exercise an hour every day to prioritize your health, but instead do what is reasonable. Maybe that means going to the gym for 30 minutes twice a week. Maybe it means going for a 20-minute walk three times a week. Whatever it is, commit to it! Here are some free work out log downloads you can use as a tool to organize your workouts and keep yourself accountable.



Plan Ahead:

Do you know that you will be taxiing children around all afternoon and evening? Instead of opting for fast food every night, pack snacks or a healthy meal for the car. Or, when you do need to eat out, choose fast food options that are in line with your dietary goals. Here are 23 options! Another thing you can do is plan at home meals ahead of time. Not only will it save you extra trips to the grocery store (and valuable time), but it will eliminate food waste (and money).


Get the Family On Board:

Swap some of your activities for more active options. Instead of spending the evening watching TV, go for a walk together. Or, instead of going out to eat, have a family cooking party at home! The more your family is unified as a team, the easier it will be to be successful.


How do you prioritize your health? Comment below!