How to go from 0 to 20 Push-Ups

The FitMomLife Customized Fitness Program includes push-ups in every training plan.

Why? Because push-ups are amazing for quick workouts and lead to strong, toned mommas!

Push-ups are a compound exercise that work your abs, chest, shoulders, torso and triceps!

Can’t do a proper push-up? No worries! Push-ups are hard!!

Here are steps you can take so that you’ll be dominating push-ups in no time!

In our workouts, we include: As Many Reps As Possible or AMRAP of push-ups, with a maximum amount of 20 reps.

AMRAP Push-ups

Step 1: Find your starting level.

Start at level 1. If you can complete 20 push-ups with great form, go to the next level. If not, Level 1 is your starting point.  If you can complete 20 push-ups with great form, continue increasing levels until you find the first level that you cannot do 20 push-ups. This level will then be your starting point. 

Push-Up Progression #1: Wall or Counter Level Elevated Push-Ups 

Push-Up Progression #2: Couch or Bench Level Elevated Push-Ups

Push-Up Progression #3: Standard Push-Up


Step 2: During your workout, do AMRAP for your level. Once you can do 20 push-ups with great form, celebrate and then move up to the next level the following week!


Ready for more of a challenge? After you can do 20 standard push-ups with great form, try one of these!

Challenge #1: Slow Push-Up


Challenge #2: Clap Push-Up

Challenge #3: Close Grip Push-Up