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Stop Waiting To Feel Confident In Your Skin Until You “find a perfect diet” or “have enough time”.

And for the love of God, stop hopping from diet to diet hoping it will finally work for you to lose weight. That IS NOT FOR YOU.

You are a busy professional. So, you need a system that works with your lifestyle and someone who has done nutrition and fitness this way to show you how.

Empow(her) is a mentorship that delivers successful results in 3 Key areas of your life that is sustainable without adding stress or restrictions. 

Proprietary coaching system.

Health is an individual journey, therefore our services are entirely personalized and include any combination of the following:

Practitioner Led Appointments

Functional Lab Testing

24/7 Chat Support

Private Likeminded Community

Practitioner Selected Supplements

Lab Interpretations With A Practitioner


The Healthy Gut Happy Hormones program is a 6 Month, PLATINUM COACHING & MENTORING EXPERIENCE, here we will help you break free from dieting, heal your body from the inside out, take your mindset to the next level, and (best part) build your happiest and healthiest self...

““Liz & Becca are fabulous. They showed me what's really possible when you have a solid plan and guidance. I've got more results in a few months than I have over the last 5 years trying by myself.””

Courtney KingFOX19 Anchor

3 Success Pillars of

FitMom Society:


Focus on your body with personalized nutrition, gut health protocols, hormone stabilization, and fitness routines.


Build a bulletproof mindset and belief system so you can ‘Win the Day’ day in and day out and live life on your own terms.


Supercharge your relationships with your spouse, your kid(s), and especially learn how to prioritize yourself.

Imagine Your Life 6 Months From Now:

Let’s try a little future pacing thought experiment.

Imagine yourself waking up 6 months from now on a typical Tuesday morning. Your alarm goes off and you realize you have the choice to get up or sleep in.

You can either get up, get after it, and Win The Day making yourself a better, stronger person or you can hit snooze and stay in bed making excuses of why you’re not in the place you want to be.

You pinch yourself to check that you aren’t actually still asleep when you make the realization that if you can’t get out of bed, that means that there’s nothing in your life that’s so important that you can’t just get your ass out of bed. there’s nothing in your life that you are a successful woman with big goals and you didn’t get to where you are by cutting corners.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1


And instead of coming up with reasons why you should stay put, you remember that you didn’t get get to where you are by cutting corners, and you get up.

Your life is opened up with energy, clarity, flexibility and freedom. You are no longer too tired to get an early workout in, too tired to keep up with your kids, too self conscious to take your shirt off at the pool, too weak to say no to junk food.

You know that you can make the right choices any time you want because you are now an ideal version of yourself.

You have a sense of purpose and fulfillment that fills you up because you know you are finally doing the work that you were born to do.

Imagine being this empowered, this in control of your life and the choices you have.

It has been possible for others and now it’s possible for you too.

The secret to health and longevity is doing all the things subconsciously. Making the right choices day in and day out. Having a team at your disposal to bypass all the roadblocks and have a proven way to be successful so you don’t have to waste precious time, money or lose your sanity.

Are You Ready For This Type Of Coaching?

If so, then NOW is the time to say yes to this 6 Month future version of your life . . . .

one last thought...

Here’s what you and I both know – the next 6 months will arrive. This is not what you have control over. The question is where will you be 6 months from now?

The one thing you do have control over is making the right decision now to get where you want to be in 6 months.

When you do, you will start by healing your body, bulletproofing your mind, and becoming a stronger, more confident version of yourself. weight loss is just the beginning.

You are too smart to ignore the fact that if you keep doing what you have always done, you will rinse and repeat the same results. You are at a crossroads. To the left is the same rough, rocky path you’ve been traveling that was never meant for you. To the right is the road that was built just for you, to get what you want with just little bit of work and dedication.

Choosing the path that was meant for you makes all the difference. I’m hoping you’ll choose the right road and join us today.

see you inside! ... liz & becca

Still not sure?

The 5 Most Common Reasons Why You May Resist Changing Your Lifestyle and Get Balanced.

You are thinking – “Perosonal coaching is a lot of money.”

HGHH coaching program is a big investment and it can be scary. The great news is that HGHH is one of those investments that can pay you dividends – for the rest of your life and the life of your family. You will have big leaps in mindset shifts, a sense of fulfillment and purpose that will benefit not just you but your family and your relationships.


You are thinking – “I don’t know if I’m ready yet.”

You might be thinking, “I’m just starting out” or “I’ll be ready when . . . .” but that little voice in your head will derail you from success faster than anything else. Being ready is not a place that ever exists when you are doing new or hard things. DO IT ANYWAY, even though you aren’t ready. An interesting thing happens when you DO IT ANYWAY, instead of waiting to be ready. The fear starts to take a back seat and doesn’t control your decisions.

If you are ready to punch fear in the face and finally get the support you need for the next 6 months,


You are thinking – “I don’t have time right now, there are so many other things that need my attention that I won’t be able to focus enough to get my money’s worth.”

That’s the whole point of HGHH. It’s the only coaching program for career driven women who are building a better better body and a healthier lifestyle on a busy schedule. It was created with your busy life in mind. And if you need more than 4 months, the No Momma Left Behind Guarantee has you covered. This means you will never fall behind, even if life happens and you don’t get things done when you thought you would.


You are thinking – “It might not work for me. I’ve tried so many things and nothing has worked before.” Here is what one prior client had to say who had this same thought before she signed up.

“I was very interested. I was on the fence because I didn’t really want to spend any more money on my CC, so I just thought I’d do my work myself.

When you told me, “you will make all your money back plus dividends for the rest of your life because of the healthy lifestyle you’re going to have,” that’s when I pulled out my CC and decided it was worth the risk.

And what’s interesting is I’ve almost paid off this investment and I realized I’d totally pay you again if that’s what you were requiring, because I believe in you as a coach and my ability to make it happen.

This is the reason for the No Momma Left Behind Guarantee. It’s as easy, safe and smart way to bet on yourself and your health.”


You are thinking – “I have to talk to my husband/partner about it and I’m worried about what he/she will say.”

When you are first stating to believe in yourself, your priorities and your goals, it can be hard to hear other people’s opinions about it, especially when you tell them you are investing into a coach. They might think you are crazy (like our family and friends did) or at the very least you might get some eye rolls or shocked expressions.


So, how do you handle it and explain it to them?

Here’s an example of how you might handle it:

“Healthy Gut Happy Hormones” coaching program with Liz & Becca is definitely an investment. But it’s a safe investment because if it doesn’t work, they’ll continue to be by my side until I hit my goals. And if I want me to be happy and feel confident, I can’t stay stuck where I am now. I really believe in myself and want to do what it will take to make it succeed – for myself, for you, and for our kids. But to do that, I need some help. I can’t do it on my own. No one would expect me to become a doctor through self study so I shouldn’t expect myself to see the results I want from google and watching youtube videos. I need to meet and work with others to share ideas, learn new strategies, get valuable feedback, be held accountable, and get coached so that my mind is in the right place to make this work. This is really important to me. Can you support me with it?”

(one more thing: we do in-house financing and the no momma left behind guarantee so this is the safest, smartest type of investment to make, especially if you are serious about changing your life.)

Join today and get fit and healthy just like Kimberly and Ariana!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Our individualized programs are perfect for anyone tired of hearing “your labs are normal” or “everything looks fine” yet you feel like crap and you know that things are not fine. 

So many people come to us feeling hopeless after seeing multiple Doctors or even working with other coaches to help them reach their goals, but we are here to tell you that you are not a lost cause and there is hope! 

We are here to help you get to the ROOT CAUSE and to help you understand your body and how it works, so you can tune into it and adjust things down the line on your own.

We want to help you understand your triggers and things that are causing your symptoms by taking your knowledge to the next level so that you can not only feel better, but you can become your own health expert and advocate for yourself when needed. 

We’ll teach you how to simplify food choices, fuel your body with the right foods, use food as medicine, and adopt lifelong habits that will keep you feeling your best.

How does your coaching work?

We believe the best client-practitioner relationship is one where we can talk face to face.  This is why we work with all clients 1-1, via video calls to be able to talk through issues, next steps, and clearly cover the plans we will implement to get you feeling your best.  

We also offer office hours weekly for our clients and private messaging via a HIPAA-compliant platform for support anytime. 

All of our practitioners are certified in functional health, testing, and protocols to best support our clients. However, each practitioner specializes in something a bit unique based on their personal journey and passion which makes the FitMom team comprehensive.

Do you do any sort of testing?

The following tests are functional tests we frequently run with our clients, depending on the client’s individual situation and need. 


  • GI Map Analysis (Required by all clients entering the program) – This a comprehensive stool test that looks at pathogens in the gut, good/commensal bacteria as well as the unwanted/opportunistic bacteria, parasites, worms, H pylori, Candida/Fungi and digestive function including pancreatic function, gallbladder/bile flow, occult blood in stool, liver detoxification, immune system and reaction to gluten. Link for more information:
  • Hair and Mineral Analysis Testing – This allows us to see specific mineral deficiencies a client may be experiencing driving symptoms.  Link for more information:
  • DUTCH Stress and Sex Hormone Analysis – This tests for the state of our sex hormones and our stress response. Link for more information:
  • Mediator Release Test – This quantifies the inflammatory response to food & food-chemicals and accounts for clinical and subclinical inflammation.  Link for more information:


Beyond these main tests, we also have access to hundreds of others if we feel the client’s unique situation requires further digging. 

Why do you use functional testing?

We believe in ‘test, don’t guess’ because we want to be efficient and effective with our time together. 

We use those tests alongside lab work, health history, and symptoms to be able to make recommendations that are far more specific and targeted to get you better results, faster. 

Quite frankly we don’t want to waste your time, energy or money (or our time as our mission is to help as many women as possible!).

How much does it cost?

All our programs and coaching are personalized to individual needs and conditions. We aren’t in the business to sell you on anything you don’t need. Your needs are specific, so depending on where you’re at in your journey and what you need your program will be built out accordingly.

Our personal coaching starts at $6k, typical program length is 6 months on average, but can go up from there depending on testing, length of the protocols and number of sessions.

* Some tests/supplements can be covered with HSA/FSA.

How is this different from other programs?

First and foremost, we work with you as an individual who deserves not only proper protocols, but support through the duration of those protocols.  Each and every one of our clients have a different lifestyle, health history, dieting history, etc. So, all of our programs and protocols are tailored to that client’s specific needs.  

Second, we work to fundamentally address the complex system of the body as a whole.  Unfortunately in most coaching programs or with conventional medical approaches, you receive a portion of the support you truly need.  You may receive just nutrition guidelines, or a fitness program, or medications/supplements, but we work to bridge the gap between all the needs of the body and lifestyle and provide you with root cause solutions to your specific situation.  

There is no doubt that you have needs in multiple areas to find the right solution to your problems (i.e. nutrition, mindset, fitness, functional support, etc,), but you shouldn’t need to hire multiple people to help you find that solution.  We work to solve that by providing all of the client’s needs in one place. 

What's included in the program?

Aside from our custom programming, every client receives: 

  • A comprehensive in-depth symptom questionnaire — allows us to uncover the root causes of your most annoying daily and weekly occurring symptoms and includes a unique visual of your health.
  • Initial Lab Review of your labs that have been ran in the last 12 months.
  • An in-depth review of your health history and bio-individual nutrient deficiencies.
  • Two 1-1 calls in the beginning to hash out your main concerns, clarify your health goals, roadmap your symptoms, and define your bio-individual path to healing. Part of my job is to LISTEN, so give me the deets! The more I know, the more pieces I have to your health puzzle. Nothing is TMI around here!
  • A PLAN OF ACTION — what we’re going to do to get you back to feeling the way you know you were meant to feel — vibrant, nourished, and energized.
  • 1:1 zoom calls (see note above for frequency) in addition to the weekly small group Connect calls (this is where we do teaching and round robin check ins)
  • Educational Modules and Resources to help you on your journey
  • Frequent retakes of the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to assess your progress during our time together and fine-tune protocols as needed
  • Facebook Community for questions, support, and live teachings 
  • Therapeutic, professional-grade supplements at 15% off retail pricing
  • Testing is optional and added on additionally based upon your individual needs.

Why is FitMom the best coaching company?

Because we actually give a shit about you getting better, changing your life, and not needing to keep looking for a solution or spending more money after we’re done.