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The Food Code Podcast

Professionally curated podcast on everything gut health, hormones, and living your best life.


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The Food Code

by FitMom Lifestyle

welcome friend,

On the Food Code, you’ll hear from Liz and Becca, functional nutrition practitioners, passionate educators, entrepreneurs, and most importantly – moms.

We cover all things related to holistic living including gut health, detox, stress, hormones, nutrition (of course), and how to optimize your lifestyle to live life feeling your BEST! We also talk about how to break free from diet culture and find the best nutrition-approach for you, improve your relationship with food, and we love debunking the awful fad diets and share the TRUTH – sometimes the hard truths that we need to hear!

We also cover fitness, mindset, parenting and more. We want to educate and empower you so that you can develop a truly healthy relationship with food where you love your life, reach your goals, and feel amazing.  Our mission is to fight diet culture by creating knowledgeable, strong, in-tune individuals who are DONE with restricting themselves and are ready to take back their health.

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