Dana Kay

In todays episode we have an AMAZING conversation with Dana Kay, a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner, on a mission to assist families who have children with ADHD.

Dana shares the story of her son’s ADHD diagnosis and how she has helped him get off all medications and TRIVE with ADHD! We discuss her approach and how she helps families conquer  ADHD, as well as many other behavior disorders, digestive issues, allergies, and more! She shares why she believes in a food-FRIST approach as 50% of her families see improvement/reversal of symptoms and, in some cases, totally ridding ADHD with food alone (without medication).

We also discuss some of the worst foods for children with ADHD and why  these foods (especially gluten, dairy, and soy) so detrimental. She also shares what children with ADHD need to eat MORE of  and how to transition. She also shares studies that showcase the benefits of the food-first approach, you know we love studies, and soo much MORE!

Her new book that is launching this week, Thriving with ADHD, gives parents of children with ADHD a proven step-by-step plan to naturally reduce ADHD symptoms and challenging ADHD behaviors.

No more guessing which strategies or remedies “might” help support kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. No more hoping that something “might” improve ADHD behaviors and then being disappointed when it doesn’t. Thriving with ADHD uses strategies that work!

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