Diane Kaizer

On todays episode we welcome Diane Kazer, FDN-P is the founder of CHI Holistic Health Institute and the Warrior Detox.

She is the Author of Killer Breasts, creator of the Explant Solution, producer of the Non Toxic Beauty Summit and 10 part ‘Dying to be Beautiful’ Docuseries.

She joins us today to talk all about parasites, parasite cleansing, and how parasites could be the cause of many health symptoms.

Diane covers how parasites go hand in hand with heavy metal toxicity, the dos and don’ts of parasite cleansing, and how different types of parasites affect your body.

On today’s podcast, you will learn:

  • Why parasites are so prevalent in many people’s bodies.
  • Common health issues associated with parasites.
  • How and where you contract parasites.
  • Symptoms that indicate there are parasites in the body.
  • Top myths of parasite cleansing.
  • How to properly do a parasite cleanse.
  • Why it is essential to open up your drainage pathways before a parasite cleanse.
  • How parasites can contribute to heavy metal toxicity and exacerbate other health issues.

She is also giving away the first module of her Warrior Cleanse HERE and you can
learn more about the Warrior Detox HERE