Tasha Blasi

Tasha Blasi is an integrative fertility and IVF coach and the founder of the Fertilities Unite, aka FU, Project.  She is a fertility patient advocate and a mother of two children after 10 rounds of IVF.

Using her science background and through the help of experts, she created a customized IVF coaching program to help women get pregnant quickly. Inside the FU Project, she covers the ‘science’ as your second set of eyes on everything happening with your clinic to ensure nothing gets missed and decisions are made based on what is best for her clients! She also has a team of holistic health, mindset, support coaches, and alternative therapy experts that work alongside her.

In this episode she shares her IVF journey and how she became so passionate about helping others struggling with infertility as often times the root cause issues are overlooked. She also explains more about her program and the 4 elements she uses with her clients – science, space, energy and support as these things can all get in the way of a successful pregnancy.

Tasha provides insight into understanding the education behind fertility-specialized doctors, how things can go wrong at many points in the journey, and the role of integrative medicine for fertility.

At the end we brightly discuss how Survival Mode is the OPPOSITE of Reproductive Mode, and she has a podcast episode all about that! Listen HERE.

List of questions to ask fertility doctors and ideal answers can be found HERE.

Whether you’ve struggled with fertility issues or not, this episode is a must-listen!

Connect with Tasha at TashaBlasi.com

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